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Transslate.com globalization services is an effective service created to assist companies in reaching markets, promoting eBusiness online, expanding global reach and attracting new customers. Localization of web content is the key to globalizing your business.

Transslate.com will assist you in :
  • Accomplishing your web localization needs
  • Promoting your business in all international markets
  • Enhancing your company's exposure to the world
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Increasing your revenues

    Professional Translation Services - Machine vs. Human Translation

    By: L. Amado - 01/25/2010 If you are in the market for a translation, there are basically two ways to go. You could either opt for what is known as "machine translation" (sometimes abbreviated as "MT") or for human translation. Call me a conservative, but I can tell you right away that there is no contest here. Good old-fashioned human translation is simply the only option if you are looking for high quality (correct and accurate) professional translation services. What does "machine translation" mean? You have probably seen it before. In its more popular versions, it takes the form of online translation engines or computer programs which can be installed on a PC. In either case the result is an automated translation created exclusively with some sort of computer software, with no intervention from a human translator, professional certified or otherwise. Translation software uses algorithms and relies mainly on language usage statistics and word substitution. At its core, automated translation is an attempt to simplify human language and it very seldom, if ever, produces a viable and usable translation.

    Marketing Your Business into China = Quality Translation

    China is booming! It is the third largest economy in the world, and second in terms of purchasing power, just behind the U.S. Companies see China as the next great frontier, and businesses want to be the first to offer products or services to people in China, opening the floodgates to a river of potential sales revenue. But to best capture the Chinese market, you have to address your new consumers in their native language. Transslate.com offers high quality Chinese website, marketing material, software and technical document translation to assist in your company's expansion into China. Chinese Translation for Local Markets Selling products and services in China with accurate, culturally relevant Chinese translations is one thing, but there is also a market of native speakers of Mandarin and Cantonese right here in the U.S. These consumers search for products and solutions on the web in Chinese, and they feel more comfortable reading manuals, training materials, and other documents in their native tongue. Our Chinese translations help companies secure the local market of native Chinese speakers.

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